What we do

We can offer all kinds of services, but we focus on what we are good at. And we start from the very beginning. Always it is about effectively conveying a message, either visually, textual or spoken word. Think about in depth and news articles for B2B journals and websites. Based on solid facts and written from a professional background. However, we also offer other kinds of services. Something to tell to the business press? We can write a strong press release, which clearly covers the message. If needed, we organize a press conference or another kind of event. Of course aiming to as effectively as possible put the message in the spotlight. A seminar or symposium? Ad will serve as the moderator. Of course we don’t do everything by ourselves. If needed, we hire professional support such as from other writers, designers, photographers and a cameraman.

Our services at a glimpse:

  • Freelance journalism
  • Editing
  • Press releases
  • Photography and film
  • Event organization
  • Congress moderating